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Health Safety Training Courses for a Variety of Skill Levels

Have you ever seen a public service announcement or a popular news media story concerning an accident that hurts and/or kills employees or members of the public? This is a very damaging event that could potentially shut down any organization can a public agency if it receives enough attention in the media. You don’t want your employees or your organization to be in a position to have to defend collective actions because of someone getting hurt. Experience has taught us that the key to preventing any accidents and injuries to employees and customers is adequate health and safety training to meet federal and provincial guidelines as well as to help employees feel prepared to do their jobs. Many organizations are turning to online health and safety training courses to accommodate the different needs of their employees, who have different skill levels and various job descriptions.

We offer a range of training courses for different skill levels, including employees who are new to their fields and employees who have received different types of health and safety training over the years. The first thing that you need to do is to see which kinds of training courses will meet the needs of your employees. Below, we are pleased to describe some of the high quality programs that we offer to our client organizations.

Ease of Access
This safety training course helps employees in different kinds of organizations to understand how to accommodate people with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs to have access to multiple stories of a building.

Hazardous Materials
This safety course teaches employees how to read the labels and material data sheets that affect their job or that they may encounter on their job in a different work environment so they can handle things properly without injuring themselves or others. National regulations require that employees working in contact with potentially hazardous materials must use these types of tips in a training while they are on the job. However, an employer may be liable if it neglects to give the employees a proper training so that they can safely do their jobs. Choose the appropriate online safety training courses so that your employees are in compliance with national regulations.

Bloodborne Pathogens
This course helps personnel to learn and to use universal precautions, regardless of whether they work with patients or people belonging to high-risk populations within their job. Whether it is cleaning up broken glass or notifying the administrator of the building if you have accidentally been injected with a contaminated needle, you have the right to know how to protect yourself from the diseases that are caused by bloodborne pathogens.

We encourage your organization to trust our experts to deliver the highest quality of virtual and classroom safety training courses at times and locations that are convenient for your current needs. Our trainers are also able to create custom training courses for your local or regional needs. Just ask us for more information about how to customize all of the programs to help your organization demonstrate compliance with all provincial and local regulations.