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Wildlife Awareness Training

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The wilderness in Canada is an integral part of being Canadian. Whether in our past-times like fishing, hiking, and hunting; scientific research and pharmaceuticals, or the billions of dollars it brings in annually through tourism, Canada’s wildlife helps us identify with who we are.

However, as we constantly expand our reach across the country, we find ourselves encroaching on wildlife and encountering situations that were very rare only a few decades ago. While we sometimes find ourselves stumbling upon a wild animal’s home territory, we just as often find animals exploring our territory in search of food.

iSafety’s Wildlife Awareness course aims to teach us how to respect wildlife, reduce encounters that could lead to its destruction, and if all else fails, to deal with an encounter to protect yourself or those around you.

In this course, you will learn

  • The importance of the wilderness to Canadians and Canada
  • The hierarchy of controls to prevent or deal with wildlife encounters
  • Information about bear ecology and behaviour
  • How to identify bears, their signs, and prevent encounters
  • The difference between defensive, non-defensive, and predatory encounters
  • How to use bear spray safely
  • Information on Cougars, wolves, coyotes, foxes, and moose; and how to deal with possible encounters

The course includes both theoretical and practical components. Written and practical exams will be conducted at the end of class, and each student will be utilizing bear spray.


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