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Spirometric Testing

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Regular Spirometric tests in a workplace setting can be used to establish a progressive picture of a worker’s lung function. This picture can be used to determine what changes have occurred in a worker’s lung functionality throughout an employment timeline. Subtle changes in lung functionality can be detected when comparing yearly tests with baseline tests – this can aid in the early detection of decreasing lung function due to exposure in the workplace.

Spirometric testing in congruence with other workplace health initiatives, is an effective way to ensure the safety of workers is being monitored, protected, and valued. Exposure to various asphyxiants, irritants, fibrosis producers, allergens, and carcinogens are common in many industrial work settings – over time, this allows for impeded lung function of workers exposed to these environments. Spirometric testing allows workers and employers to become aware of harmful exposure and grants the ability to remove people from unsafe environments, or to take precautionary measures to secure an environment.

In a professional and medical setting, iSafety conducts these tests by trained professionals and manages the results under Canadian Standards of Ethics. iSafety conducts Spirometric Testing in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in congruence with the best practices for Healthcare professionals in Spirometry testing in occupational settings as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


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