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The Importance of First Aid and Safety Training Services

As workers gain more experience in their daily activities, it becomes second nature for them to execute these tasks, while following the appropriate safety protocols and using protection gears and tools correctly. In most cases this is positive, but it can also create overconfident employees, and in the heat of the moment, the most basic procedures can be completely forgotten. This is why employers should use first aid and safety training services in order to teach or reinforce first aid knowledge to their employees, regardless of their experience.

Safety compliance in the workplace

Workers are constantly exposed to situations that can affect their health in the workplace. The Canada Labour Code (R.S.C 1985) dictates that companies are obligated to evaluate the possible situations of emergency that can occur in the workplace and adopt the necessary measures to avoid them.

From a company’s perspective, there’s always the need to have trained employees with first aid knowledge, so that any situation of emergency can be properly attended. This type of training is also mandatory to comply with international certifications.

Why is it important to have first aid knowledge?

–    It contributes to preserve the lives of workers

–    It assures the use of proper methods of transfer

–    It helps prevent risks that can turn quickly into severe injuries

–    It motivates staff to avoid accidents and occupational diseases

–    It benefits the company. It avoids possible overheads derived from injuries or loss of lives

What are the benefits from first aid training?

First Aid training can help workers respond effectively to an accident that may occur, teaching them guidelines, such as:

–       Act quickly and calmly, to give confidence to the injured person

–       Correctly executing the techniques and procedures necessary for first aid

–       Have a first aid kit well equipped

–       Know the basic maneuvers to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

–       Recognize and treat shock and bleeding

–       Minimize the health risks of the injured until medical services arrive

Employees with first aid and safety training know the techniques and procedures to save a person involved in a life-threatening situation, and can make the difference between life and death. A non-fatal event can transform itself in a fatal one if the injured or ill person is not attended on time.

All employers must also take into consideration that investing on first aid, health, safety and environment, will give their workers the essential tools to protect themselves and others and minimize risks and accidents in the workplace.

iSafety offers first aid courses in Edmonton that gives workers all the aforementioned benefits in cost-efficient training sessions. We provide basic training to respond to emergency situations, life-threatening injuries and illnesses, and a basic level of CPR training. Our course provides the skills required to recognize and treat emergencies until medical aid arrives. This training is delivered at your location with all the necessary materials and equipment.