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Quantitative Fit Testing

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Respiratory protective equipment that has a tight fitting face piece must be fit tested according to CSA Standards. The staff at iSafety are qualified and trained to reach OHS standards to execute quantitative fit testing.

When fit testing is done:

  • The respirator must be operating in a demand air supply or non-powered air purifying mode.
  • The wearer of the respirator must be clean-shaven so the respirator will contact the skin of the face
  • The tester must be qualified, be able to wear a respirator and have worn one before.
  • The wearer must be able to wear it safely

During your fit testing iSafety will be able to calibrate the equipment, recognize invalid tests, calculate fit factors and ensure all equipment is working properly.

Learn more from the Employers Guide to Respiratory Protective Equipment issued by Occupational Health and Safety.


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