Fit Testing for Respiratory Protective Equipment

Do you appreciate the importance of fit testing? Hazards in the workplace can range from the very large to the very small. Even the dust particles in the air that we breathe can have adverse effects on the health of workers. Dust, chemicals, or reduced oxygen in the air are hazardous to human health, and employers need to take the necessary steps to eliminate them. When proper engineering or administrative controls aren’t enough, it is up to the employer to provide respiratory protective equipment for their workers. As Alberta’s number one provider of on-site safety training, we offer fit testing training that your workers need in the use of protective equipment.

Occupational Health and Safety Mandate

All employers who are required to offer respiratory protective equipment are also charged with ensuring that their employees are properly trained in its use. This involves how to fit the mask to their face when necessary, hence the name “fit testing.” The procedure must be laid out in a code of conduct in plain view of the working area. All employees must know it, and be trained in it.

What our Fit Testing Course(s) Provides

  • Fit Testing
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)
  • Air Purifying Respirator (APR)

With our comprehensive, on-site training program, your employees will be properly trained in every facet of the respiratory protective equipment mandate from the government of Alberta. This includes hands on training in:

  • information about the airborne contaminants, including their potential health effects and ways to detect the contaminants’ presence
  • why the particular respiratory protective equipment was chosen, and information about its capabilities and limitations
  • how to properly put on and take off the respirator
  • how to test for a satisfactory fit
  • familiarization with the Code of Practice.

On top of this training, the CSA recommends refresher courses at least every two years, or when health and safety equipment are updated.

The protection of workers at the jobsite needs to be taken seriously. iSafety provides hands-on safety and personnel services as well as on-site and computer-based safety training courses. In order to ensure that your employees are trained in the use of respiratory protective equipment, you must put them through a fit testing course. Contact us today and see why we are Alberta’s go-to company for safety training.