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Audiometric Testing

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Audiometric Testing is an essential part of any Noise Management Program. As a necessary fixture in any workplace, regular Audiometric Exams allow employers to monitor their worker’ s auditory health, ensure there is no hearing loss, and identify early signs of Noise Induced Hearing Loss- the number one cause of hearing loss in industry workers. As a result of constant high intensity exposure to noise, this condition becomes common in many industry occupations.

Audiometric testing comes into play when your workplace takes steps to protect you from such conditions and ensure that these types of issues are not developing over time. Audiometric testing can also let us know if your hearing protection is effectively protecting you, or what hearing protection you need in order to be properly protected.

Regular testing is a preventative measure taken to closely watch patterns and protect the aural health of industry workers. Workplaces are required to do this testing in order to adhere to Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Codes. iSafety Ltd. is dedicated to adhering to Canadian Standards of Audiometric testing and protecting test results in accordance to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Our testing is conducted in a professional, comfortable, medical setting by trained professionals who are dedicated to protecting your Auditory Health!


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